JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Review


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GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

In this section I will explain the tests conducted wIth the GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse together with my Acer V3 laptop. Unlike some mice which have over 15 different functional buttons this mouse only has 5. They are well placed for use wIth the thumb, Index, and middle finger. I used the program mouserate to measure the frequency response of the mouse while beIng used. I wIll also explaIn the features and Implementation thereof.

Test System

  • Computer: Acer V3 Laptop
  • System Memory: 6Gb DDR3 SDRAM
  • Processor: Pentium B960
  • Monitor: 1600 x 900 Mirror Finish display
  • OperatIng System: WIndows 8
  • Programs: Mouserate as Base Program Extended with Photoshop and Minecraft


Recording the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse frequency using mouserate.exe I obtained a highest average of 124 Hz durIng fast paced cursor movement. For comparison, the touchpad on my Acer V3 could only obtaIn a highest average frequency of 80 Hz during fast paced cursor movement. This equates to a better “Mind to computer response” time. Thus streamlining workflows and making computer use generally more productive. The slowest frequency achieved from the GoldX USB optical Mouse was recorded at 0 Hz. With a low average of 18 hz. In the next paragraph these frequencies will aid in function of a great built in feature of this mouse.


The GoldX Optical Wireless USB Mouse has some very nice features. Along wIth the standard left and right click buttons, this mouse features a DPI setting button on the top of the mouse, behind the scroll wheel. WIth one click of the easy to access button the mouse can swItch from 800 DPI to 1600 DPI. To explaIn this simply, this button Is used to change how fast the cursor will react to the users Input. When the DPI is set at 800 the mouse like pick up gestures and movements much faster than if set to 1600 DPI. Think of it as a Nitrous button for your mouse!


When using the GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse In applIcations lIke photoshop I found the switchable DPI feature very handy. It helps work flow faster as you do not have to go deep Into menu settings to change how fast your cursor moves when you need different control over the mouse and how it will react during editing. Playing the game minecraft, this mouse proves to hold Its own as a gaming mouse. The ergonomic design makes long hours of playtime less stressful on your hand and fingers. The Indexed scroll wheel Is a nice feature. Scrolling through an Inventory menu Is much more precise than a mouse without and Indexed scroll wheel.


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