JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Review


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Overview of the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse

The JDI GoldX USB Mouse quite the looker. Its use of dual tone materials makes it unique. Covering the outside is a mix of rubberized and gloss materials. Upon first touch of the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless mouse you are greeted by the soft rubberized material and a comfortable ridge that contours in your palm. This mouse is categorized as a full size mouse. I will go into more depth about the size of the mouse later in the article. This mouse has a retail price of $28.83 available at Amazon. Included in the package is the mouse and a USB nano receiver. You will have to provided a pair of your own AAA batteries for the power.

It Is to be noted that this mouse Is specifically designed to fit ergonomically In the right hand. On the left side It features two buttons for easy use with the right thumb. These two buttons can be used for page forward and page back In programs like Google Chrome and WIndows Explorer. Lastly Is the fairly standard scroll wheel, which works well wIth Its Indexed rotation that has a great feel to it.

GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Rear Side USB

GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Rear Side With USB

You might notice the JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse has 5 Buttons total. Every button is within easy access for quick use. The mouse comes with all 5 buttons pre programmed with useful shortcuts when using operating systems and applications within. The bottom of the mouse has 4 small low friction pads for easy sliding on different surfaces. An information sticker, battery door, and optical sensor window round out what Is under this mouse. If you open up the battery compartment you will find a space for the 2 AAA batteries and a small compartment used for storing the USB nano receiver when not in use.

GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Front Side USB

GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Front Side With USB

In the next part of this review I will go In depth addressing  the features of the JDI GoldX USB Mouse. I have a few real world tests to conduct and some software benchmarking to explain the performance of this nice piece of hardware. To record Information about the device, I wIll be using the mouserate program to analyze the little bits of Information. Along wIth the software benchmarking you wIll get my unbiased personal experience wIth thIs mouse.


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