SilverStone Kublai KL04 Case Review


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Kublai KL04 Detailed Features

Already we’ve seen some interesting decisions from SilverStone – perhaps taking a closer look will help explain why SilverStone approached this mid-tower a little differently than the competition.


Pulling off the side panel doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t know before, as the clear window showcased the interior pretty well – except we find out the KL04 uses hinged side panels.  While some cases employ the notched panels to decent effect, I almost universally prefer cases that use hinged panels – they are so much easier to work with. It also looks like the HDD cage is removable – there’s a handle anyway, more on that later…


Pulling off the back panel sheds a little more light on the interior, highlighting the front fan mounts, cable routing holes and CPU backplate cutout in the motherboard tray. Notice the intake fan(s) have a clear path to interior components – there aren’t any steel brackets that get in the way of airflow.


The “back” side of the chassis has an offset lower channel for routing bundles of cables and enough tie down points everywhere to assist in making sure those cables stay where you put them. Coupled with the hinged side panel, I didn’t have any trouble putting the side panel back on when the build was complete – there’s enough room back here to stash cables for any build you could put in an ATX case. Of course, if you plan on filling that HDD tray up with drives, it’ll take a little more finesse…and most of those cables won’t be back here anyway.


The top of the KL04 arrives with one 120mm fan in an intake orientation, with room for an additional 120mm or 140mm fan (presumably to be mounted as an intake as well). The mounting holes are arranged to fit a 240mm radiator and fans as well, and they’re offset enough to hopefully prevent any clearance issues with the motherboard.


The “floor” of the KL04 is a little cramped, but there’s still room for almost every power supply on the market if you remove that 2.5″ drive cage. You can also see the ledge behind the power supply that allows some extra room for cables.


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