ASRock Z87E-ITX Intel Desktop Motherboard Review


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ASRock Z87E-ITX Motherboard UEFI

In this section we will take a brief look at the ASRock UEFI Setup Utility.


This is the landing screen of the ASRock Z87E-ITX Motherboard UEFI. Information pertaining to CPU and RAM is immediately available without having to find your way to the hardware monitor. There is also an option to choose which page of the UEFI you land on when you enter it during boot. This can be particularly useful when overclocking as you can simply drop straight into the overclocking tab every time your computer reboots, rather than having to select it each time.


The ASRock UEFI works much the same as legacy BIOS with the added bonus of being able to use your mouse. There are no magic sliders to modify CPU speed or memory frequency, it is all still heavily text based which I found very easy to use.


The large icons along the top make for speedy transitions between configuration modes. If you are more familiar with a legacy BIOS you will easily navigate around this UEFI.


The ‘Tool’ tab of the UEFI gives you several useful utilities. A tool I have never seen in a motherboard UEFI, BIOS or any other scenario is the Dehumidifier function. Its description is in the right hand tab of the above screen capture.


The H/W Monitor section is next. Important values are presented in plain text and there are options to customize or set a pre-defined fan profile below.


Next up is the boot screen. Not only can you select boot priority but you can also change other boot related values that are traditionally found elsewhere in a legacy BIOS.


Standard security features are found next. It looks like there are no hard wired security features that can be modified on this motherboard.


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  1. nerdrage1983

    Way way expensive. Not worth it.

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