Lenovo Erazer X700 PC Gaming Computer System Review


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Erazer X700 Overclocking

With a red-lit dedicated Overclock button on top of the computer, you’d expect that pressing it would make things faster. And it does.


Specifically, what it does is raise the clock multiplier to 41x for all cores, resulting in a 4.1GHz clock speed. But you can go further: with the button down, the Erazer Control Center lets you bump the multiplier as high as 43x, as shown below. In all cases, you must reboot for any overclocking changes to take effect.


What’s frustrating is that changing this one setting is the only thing you can do in Erazer Control Center. You can’t touch the base clock, nor can you change the memory timings. You can’t adjust the CPU voltage; and you can’t adjust the multiplier on a per-core basis, running it higher when only one or two cores are involved. Last, you can’t tweak things in the BIOS since there is no user-accessible BIOS on this system.

The OC Genie tab merely shows a static screen instructing you to press a button of the same name, which doesn’t exist on this system:


The OC Genie nomenclature implies that the motherboard is built for Lenovo by MSI, since it’s a trademark of theirs.

While it’s frustrating to not have more control over overclocking, at least you can overclock, and even the 43x overclock was dead stable and provided a significant performance boost. CPU temperatures under load topped out at 70 degrees Celsius at 4.3GHz, and while the cooling system fan did ramp up somewhat, the system overall was still very quiet.


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1 comment

  1. Kzinti1

    Reminds me of my 1st computer. A Dell of some sort. Came with the original version of Windows XP Home Edition. I kept that lemon just long enough to learn how to build a real computer, then I gave it away.
    As in free. Non-gratis. And never, ever, mention to anyone I gave it to you, or ever owned it kind of a deal.
    At 1500 bucks less, this Lenovo would make a good stocking stuffer for a 3 year old you didn’t especially like. Like that red headed, left handed 3rd cousin everybody worries about.
    But, I’m being kind.
    Take the $1699 this thing costs, go to your favorite e-tailer and piece together whatever your money can buy, then build it. Many, many sites have builders guides to show you how. It’s way simple, educational and rewarding.
    You’ll be ecstatic that you did.

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