GAMDIAS ZEUS GMS1100 Gaming Mouse Review


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GAMDIAS ZEUS Laser Gaming Mouse Final Thoughts

As the gaming peripheral market becomes more and more saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult to produce a device that has innovative features. However, newcomer GAMDIAS has been able to find opportunities for innovation on more than one device. First we had the HERMES mechanical gaming keyboard and among other smart design features, it had the wrist rest that doubled as a dust cover. Now, we have the GAMDIAS ZEUS laser gaming mouse, which provides three different adjustable panels located on the sides of the mouse. As a result, the shape of the mouse can be manipulated, resulting in a configuration that is best suited for the user.

As innovative as the adjustable side panel feature is, I was a little surprised that each panel didn’t have more of a range of motion. The maximum range for any of the three side panels was only about 1/4″. However, I was able to find a comfortable configuration and I think most people will also be able to find a setting that is comfortable and fits well. The other observation I made while testing this feature was that, even though the range is limited, the adjustable panel located under the four buttons on the left side of the mouse, when extended to its maximum setting, made it difficult for me to manipulate the buttons. To make the GAMDIAS ZEUS accommodating to even more hands, maybe the side panels could be replaced with other side panels of different shapes and sizes.

The most disappointing design characteristic was the grommet on the front of the mouse. The braided cord comes out of this grommet and has a natural tendency to want to angle down, which means the cord will be rubbing on the surface. My cord started to fray in a matter of a few days. I doubt this is a difficult fix, and I highly recommend that GAMDIAS replaces the current grommet with one that promotes parallel cord/surface alignment.

In general, I was impressed with the GAMDIAS ZEUS E-Sport Edition Laser Gaming Mouse. It was highly configurable, comfortable to use, and performed well. Considering what we’ve seen so far from GAMDIAS, I think we can expect big things from this organization.


GAMDIAS ZEUS Laser Gaming Mouse Conclusion

In both phases of my testing, which included the performance of work-related tasks and extended gaming sessions for about four weeks, the GAMDIAS ZEUS performed quite well. Having 11 buttons (nine programmable) at your disposal is highly beneficial whether you are using them to lower the DPI for precise image editing in Photoshop or switching to your secondary weapon in Battlefield 3.

The tagline for GAMDIAS is “Gaming Art in Motion.” Are you going to find the GAMDIAS ZEUS laser gaming mouse in an art museum anytime soon? Probably not. In fact, I’m not sure what qualifies as “Gaming Art,” nor do I know the exact definition of that term. However, I can say that the ZEUS is an attractive device. It has great lines, giving it a sculpted appearance. The matte black finish was a good choice. Personally, I like the muted finish over a glossy one. The LED lighting is suble, yet can be customized (with the exception of the “ZEUS” logo).

With the exception of the braided cord/grommet on the front of the mouse issue, the GAMDIAS ZEUS is very well built. Even with the wheels and adjustable panels, it feels solid and you will not hear anything rattle. It also comes with a military-grade braided cord and a gold-plated USB connector.

The HERA GUI provides the GAMDIAS ZEUS with many of the functions that are pretty standard in terms of a GUI. However, it does offer a few extras, such as providing you with the ability to create and assign sound alerts to mouse setting changes. When the HERA is paired with the button placement on the ZEUS, the result is a gaming weapon that is sure to improve your performance.

The testing phase for this GAMDIAS ZEUS E-Sport Edition Laser Gaming Mouse, which the company states will retail at $129, went well. It performed at the level of a high-end gaming mouse. In addition, GAMDIAS was able to implement some innovative features into the design. However, GAMDIAS has no reputation to stand on, and I wasn’t exactly blown away by my experience with the ZEUS.

Shopping for a new gaming mouse can be a difficult task simply due to the sheer number of gaming mice on the market. What we want to find is the gaming mouse that provides the best bang for the buck. The GAMDIAS ZEUS is capable of providing the bang, but considering that this is a new company and this is its initial foray into the gaming peripheral industry, I’m not sure that a retail price of $129 is going to result in the ZEUS flying off the shelf. It is at a price point equal to, if not higher than, high-end Razer, Logitech, and Mad Catz mice, but these companies have established reputations; GAMDIAS does not.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Recommended Product Award Logo (Small)

+ adjustable side panels
+ button placement
+ superb gaming performance
+ aesthetics


– price
– cord/grommet issue
– adjustable panel range


  • Performance: 9.00
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 7.00
  • Functionality: 8.50
  • Value: 7.00

Final Score: 8.1 out of 10.

Recommended: Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval.

COMMENT QUESTION: What is a fair asking price for a high-end gaming mouse from a newcomer?



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