Kobo Arc Android Tablet eReader Review


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Kobo Arc as an e-Reader

Before the Arc, Kobo was focused on building the more traditional E-Ink based e-Readers. With the Arc this shows, as many of the best features of the Arc appear while using it as an e-Reader.


Kobo’s book recommendations connect the user directly to the Kobo store. This is both very nice, but also frustrating because if a user does not use the Kobo service to get their books then the recommendation service doesn’t work, which ends up locking a user to a single type of service if they want to use the Arc to its full potential.


Because Kobo’s history with e-Readers many of the Arc’s best widgets revolve around the Kobo Arc bookstore. For example, in this screenshot the top widget lets you see what books you are in the process of reading, tracking how long you have been reading and how long they estimate it will take to finish that book at your current pace.


Kobo’s e-Reader app is quite good, providing an easy to use system that has quite a few features. By default the Kobo app uses a plain black on white color scheme for its pages but depending on what a user would like it can be customized to be white on black, or my personal favorite a sepia toned background. In the bottom right is a barely visible dot that opens a menu allowing for all kinds of customization of the Kobo Reader application.


In the previous photo you might have noticed a pink dialogue box in the top left corner. Selecting that opens a comment page where people can ask questions and discuss what is happening in the book. This comment box only shows up if there conversation that has already been started on the current page of the book.


When a user opens the book statistics page they can see a multitude of sections all containing different information about the current book being read. Starting at the top we have the basic statistics about the current book being read, including the number of times it has been read, and the number of likes/dislikes it has. Under that is a listing of everyone who is actively reading that book currently. Lastly, we have the book feed, by default this feed only shows comments that have shown up on or before the page the user is currently on, by selecting the no spoilers section though a user can open up the entire comments section.


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