Kobo Arc Android Tablet eReader Review


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Kobo Arc Tapestries

Since anyone can build an Android tablet companies generally try to set themselves apart through “useful” customizations to the stock Android interface. Kobo’s custom interface is called Tapestries and I found it to be minimally invasive, should a user dislike the interface it can be removed easily by applying a custom interface from the Google Play Store.


Kobo has created a home page that allows a user to put different applications and widgets into folders that can easily bring new notifications to the user’s attention. At the bottom of the screen, Kobo has added a “Discover” section that helps a user find new movies, music, and books based on what they have read, watched, and listened to.


Inside of the default social group a user can expect to find links to all of the most popular social networking sites, along with Facebook and Twitters widgets. This allows a user to easily access all of the social networking information they might need without cluttering up their home screen.


Inside of the browsing folder by default is a set of common website that Kobo expects many of its buyers to use.


The native web browser on the Kobo Arc is a WebKit based browser. For the most part, it is the stock Android 4.1.1 browser but with one major addition, the pin button next to the address bar will let a user add any web page to their tapestries for easy access. For example, a user could make a tapestry all about traveling to Europe, and one of the things that could be included is a web page linking to their itinerary.


Kobo uses the standard pull down menu found inside of Android to allow an enthusiast to see and interact with notifications that the system may be generating.


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