Be Quiet Pure Power L8 500W Power Supply Review

Be Quiet Pure Power L8 500W Power Supply Review

There is an ongoing debate between people as to who was responsible for modern lights and electricity, in general. Commonly, history refers to Thomas Edison as the father of the light bulb. Yet, many claim he was a hack, a charlatan who took advantage of greater men and stole their ideas, men like Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla is quite well known in his own right for his many contributions to the understanding of electricity. Companies, like Westinghouse, were built on the backs of men like Tesla. Anyone who has ever played Command and Conquer has surely reveled in the fizzing zap as a Tesla coil destroys an enemy. Yep, that’s Tesla, he really made that (though it is somewhat less glorious in real life.) … at HiTechLegion

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