Microlab H21 Bluetooth Powered Speaker Review


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Closer Look: Microlab H21 Speaker Set

Microlab has been busy in recently developing a variety of Bluetooth speakers in order to provide consumers with several options that are sure to meet their needs. Microlab’s ultra-portable MD212 and the feature-rich MD312 fill the need of those individuals on the go. The Microlab H21 is exactly what consumers need to fill the in-home need for a audio system that will accomodate virtually any device and deliver superior sound quality.

The box’s interior does an outstanding job protecting its cargo, while the exterior outlines all of the features that the Microlab H21 has to offer.

Microlab H21 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The contents include both of the Microlab H21’s speakers, a 3.5 mm to RCA cable, speaker wire, the AC adapter, and the user’s manual.

Microlab H21 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

One of the first features on the control panel that caught my eye was that Microlab put a master volume dial on the H21 rather than a volume toggle, which to me is an indication of the quality of this unit. The other items that can be found on the control panel, which is located on the top of the main speaker, include the Bluetooth mode light, the line in mode light, the source selection button, the Bluetooth pairing light, a play/pause button, and a forward/rewind button.

Microlab H21 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The back of the main speaker is where you will find the functional business end of the Microlab H21. The audio input gives you the opportunity to connect the H21 to non-Bluetooth devices. Further down you will find another great feature, which is the USB port that is capable of charging a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. To the right of the USB port is the terminals for the speaker wire. Towards the bottom, the port for the power adapter and the on/off switch can be found.

Microlab H21 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The attractive design of the Microlab H21 extends even to the bottom of the unit. Four rubber pads are affixed to the bottom in order to prevent slippage.

Microlab H21 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

With the H21, Microlab has stayed consistent with its recent design tendencies, which is to keep it simple, elegant, and clean. It is also consistent with the audio output that Microlab is known for; outstanding sound. What you get with the Microlab H21 is an attractive, excellent sounding set of speakers that can be placed just about anywhere in the home without the typical wiring mess.


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  1. rjdriver


    I’m wondering if when used in auxiliary mode, the Bluetooth radio in the unit is turned off. I don’t imagine you tested for that, and one can assume that if the “Bluetooth ” light is not lit, that the radio is off. But I’m wondering if you can confirm this by hooking up one device by auxiliary and trying to hook another using wireless.

    The reason I am asking is because I am looking to buy a home speaker system for my phone that uses a direct connect method rather than Bluetooth. Most of them are junk. This one sounds impressive. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Greg Schepers

      Sorry for the delay in my response. If you plug in a device via the auxiliary cord and then press the “Source” button on the control panel, the H21 will now be ready for wired audio playback and Bluetooth will be off. You will notice that the “Line In” LED will be lit up rather than the Bluetooth LED. However, I think that you will be very, very pleased with the performance and range of the Bluetooth on the H21 and will forego the use of the auxiliary connection.

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