MSI GTX 660 N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC Video Card Review

MSI GTX 660 N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC Video Card Review

The MSI N660 Gaming features an NVIDIA GTX 660 GPU with a factory over clock and an upgraded cooling solution The N660 Gaming separates itself from it’s N660 TF sibling by having a newer version of the Twin Frozr IV cooler and an application to utilize 3 overclocking presets. The upgraded cooler’s fans are 12mm larger in diameter and te heatsink has a built in deflector plate to get more air moving directly over the heatpipes. It has 4 outputs, a DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI and Diplayport which can all be used at the same time and are fed by a factory overclocked speed of 1006MHz for the base and a boost of 1072 MHz while keeping the 2048MB of GDDR5 memory at the standard 6008 MHz… at HiTechLegion

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