CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review


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Closer Look: Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth

A beautiful keyboard can be the centerpiece of an enthusiasts computer desk. The Cooler Master Quickfire Stealth will look great on a user’s desk and will easily blend in with many different desk configurations.


From this angle, you can see the Cooler Master has put the lettering on the side of the each key. This means that in a pinch, a non-touch typist can use this keyboard but they still might find it difficult to use. Cooler Master has included many secondary functions on its f-keys, F1-F4 control the repeat rate when using the included USB to PS/2 adapter, F5-F8 control media functions, and F10-F12 allow the user to control their systems volume. Cooler Master has setup the F9 key to allow an enthusiast to toggle their Windows Key on and off ensuring that a gamer does not accidently activate their Windows key while in game.


On the bottom we have the four rubber feet that help keep the Stealth from moving around, and for users who prefer their keyboards to be at a higher angle Cooler Master has included two risers that help give the Stealth some more height in the rear.


Like all of their designs, Cooler Master uses a Micro-USB port to connect the Stealth to braided cable that it exits the Stealth in one of three positions depending on how a user’s desk is configured. Because of the standard Micro-USB cable used, an enthusiast can also attach a shorter or longer cable depending on their needs, or replace a cable that may be damaged or lost.


This version of the Quickfire Stealth uses Cherry MX Blue switches. These are “soft” tactile switches which require 65g of force to activate, and that provide an audible click when they activate. They have a tactile force profile with an increase in force that can be felt right before they activate. For many typists this is the preferred style of key although the people around them may not appreciate the substantial noise that the Cherry MX Blue switch creates.


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