Adata DashDrive Durable HD710 Waterproof Hard Drive Review

Adata DashDrive Durable HD710 Waterproof Hard Drive Review

We don’t test external storage devices very often here at TR. The reason is simple: the products generally aren’t that exciting—or at least not as exciting as all the other components that pile up in our labs. Every so often, though, something unique piques our interest. Recently, it was Adata’s DashDrive Durable HD710, which stuffs a terabyte of storage inside a waterproof, shock-resistant enclosure, that caught our eye.

Now that could be fun to test.

The concept makes a lot of sense. Portable hard drives often spend their lives on the go, where they can face rough handling and the occasional fall. They’re also vulnerable to spilled beverages, rain-soaked bags, and other water-borne attacks. Your data should be protected from these threats, especially if you’re one of the many folks who use external drives to store essential backups… at TechReport

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