MSI GTX 770 TwinFrozr Gaming 2GB Video Card Review

MSI GTX 770 TwinFrozr Gaming 2GB Video Card Review

Last month, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 770 launched with great success. Based on the same GK104 GPU and using the same specs as on the GTX 680, we’ve seen the card provide high-quality gaming at reasonable pricing. The biggest changes are the inclusion of Boost 2.0 and faster memory chips, which certainly helps with performance.

We recently reviewed the MSI GTX 770 Lightning that focuses more on overclocking and comes with high clocks out of the box. Today, we have on our test bench the MSI GTX 770 Gaming. For the typical gamer, it comes at more affordable pricing but with lower clocks.

The MSI GTX 770 Gaming is only slightly overclocked out of the box with the GPU at 1059 MHz and memory at 1753 MHz. It is available online for reference-design pricing of $399… at techPowerUp!

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