Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch Smartphone Review

Back when Samsung released the Galaxy Note many people thought it was just too big for a phone but that didn’t stop it becoming a very popular device. Certainly when we reviewed it the overall opinion was positive, even if it did feel at times like anyone sitting next to you could read all the text on the screen. By the time the Note 2 was released the concept had well and truly caught on and that handset has proven to be very successful for Samsung with the Note brand being more well known all the time. The Note 3 will soon be on sale with its 5.7inch display, 0.4 inches bigger than the original but that isn’t the largest “phone” that Samsung offer. That title goes to the Galaxy Mega, a smartphone designed to offer great media consumption without the added expense of the stylus found on the Note range. Today we take a look at the 6.3inch Galaxy Mega… at HardwareHeaven

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