Intel Atom Z3000 Bay Trail Processor Review

Intel Atom Z3000 Bay Trail Processor Review

Intel is a company famously driven by paranoia, but the threat it now faces requires no special effort to see. Smartphones have grown and morphed into tablets, and together, these two new categories of devices have taken a big bite of out the consumer computing market. Laptop sales in particular have gone soft as tablets have grown in popularity.

The vast majority of these tablets are based on CPU technology from ARM. Intel’s position in the PC market couldn’t be much more commanding right now, but that alone is suddenly looking like a wobbly foundation for the future. The firm has attempted to address the mobile market with successive generations of its Atom processors, but those haven’t seen much success. Now, a rising urgency has prompted Intel to double down on its efforts, much as it did when the Pentium 4 was struggling to keep pace with AMD’s chips… at TechReport

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