EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 Video Game Review


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Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise

Connected Franchise, previously known as Connected Career, is a new game mode within Madden NFL 25 that is really its own side act. In Owner Mode you control the franchise in every regard: from contracting stadium renovations to managing prices, as well as operating a public relations team and media network. Alternatively, you can take control from the team management level, and coach players under your own doctrine. In either mode, you can lace up and take to the field and play the game with the team you’ve assembled.


Here are some of the key features available in Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise:

  • Completely Refined Experience – Connected Franchise returns with an entirely new user interface that is focused on accessibility with the new Trade Center and Creation Flow, completely re-tuned progression and legacy score system and refined Draft, Trade and Signing logic. Also, earn XP faster and see quicker progression for your player or coach.
  • Fan-Favorite Features Return – The next evolution of Connected Franchise marks the return of offline 32 team control, transaction log, and the ability to import draft classes from NCAA Football 14.
  • New Legends and Media Personalities – New legends and media personalities bring Connected Franchise to life in year two. Recreate the careers of Randall Cunningham, Mike Ditka (as a player or coach), running back William “Refrigerator” Perry and many more. Get insights on your career from Matthew Berry, Peter Schrager and other influential members of the media.


The goal of EA Sports Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise is to become the highest-valued franchise in the NFL. This is the long-term goal, sort of like obtaining the highest level or rank, and you’ll soon recognize that there’s something you should have done differently after you get midway through that first season. The key tools you use to achieve this are:

  • Hire Personnel – Find the coaches, scouts and trainers who fit your needs and give your team the best chance to win.
  • Full Team Control – Set prices, upgrade your stadium and control all aspects of day-to-day operations as an NFL tycoon. If things aren’t working out with your current stadium, rebuild or relocate to an exotic locale like Mexico City or London.
  • Market Players – Acquire popular players and sell their jerseys to increase your yearly profit. Can you find the next NFL superstar?
  • Fan Happiness – Keep the fans happy and reap the rewards. Not all fans are the same, and what works in Philly may not work in Jacksonville.
  • Media Relations – Media personalities will put you on the spot and ask you tough questions about team performance and talent. Choose your words carefully, if you make a bold statement, the fans will hold you to it for weeks or even years.


Connected Franchise is really about two things: money and winning games if you’re playing in Owner Mode, and winning games to ensure enough money for contract extensions in Coach Mode. The game includes metrics such as Fan Happiness, which is influenced by several variables (stadium condition, ticket and merchandise pricing, winning record, star players on roster, etc), but money is what makes the NFL go round.


Once you’ve earned enough money through hosting home games with your undoubtedly always-winning team, it will be time to make upgrades to the stadium in order to keep attendance (and earnings) high in Connected Franchise. Don’t go bankrupt before the season ends (not really possible), since you’ll need to pay player contracts and hire staff in the off-season. Players will cost you the most and contracts usually cost about $5M after the first season, while staff salary is apparently minimum wage at a combined $120K for six workers.


One of the greatest features in Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise is the ability to lure legendary players and coaches onto your team ($$$), but also to earn and burn XP on their skills. XP is earned for every player on the team through weekly practice and games, with attributes priced comparably to the level of that skill. For example, a skill that is rated as 40 might only cost 100 XP to increase by one point, but it could cost you 100,000 XP to add another point if that skill is rated 95.

Speaking of  practices, at the start of your first season each practice challenge might seem relatively easy. Keep in mind that your team plays offense versus defense in these games, so it may be very easy or nearly impossible depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Impenetrable team? Expect to lose practice challenges and walk away with 1000 XP per player instead of 2000 XP.


If you’re a stingy franchise mogul, you might consider running your stadium into the ground until it’s time to relocate the team. There are seventeen eligible relocation destinations available in Madden NFL 25 Football Connected Franchise, which include populated American cities as well as foreign lands like England (UK), Mexico, Canada, and Ireland. Be careful, though, since you only make money on home games!


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