EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 Video Game Review


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Madden NFL 25 Game Overview

Madden NFL 25 is many things, but it’s far from being a simple game for knuckle-draggers to button mash. Madden NFL 25 requires an understanding of offensive and defensive formation plays as well as calling audible commands to change the play before the ball is hiked. Madden NFL 25 delivers several throw-control commands to the quarterback, a range of movements for the ball handler, and optional techniques for defenders. In other words, this is a game for people who immerse themselves in the platform and memorize commands.


To get you ready for the game, Madden NFL 25 offers the Skills Trainer interactive tutorial – a new addition to the Madden NFL franchise. Included are four key football drills that help prepare you for a full game, which include: Precision Modified Running, Total Control Passing, The Option, and Ball Hawk. Mastering the Precision Modified Running and Option drills will give players the most control as the ball carrier, and put you at an advantage over opponents who use only the basic functions and responses. There’s a learning curve, but nobody gets to the top by sleeping through class.madden-25-release-date-3

Madden NFL 25 Run Free – Unlock the power, precision and creativity of an NFL ball carrier. Utilize the brand-new precision modifier to call up the perfect move for almost any situation.

  • Precision Modifier – Unleash 30 new moves with the perfect combination of speed, power and elusiveness.
  • Combos – For the first time ever execute combo moves including truck spins, juke spins and more.

If you’re new to the Madden genre, you might be enticed to jump right in and play some football. It’s possible to do this, but just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be. Single-player solo challenges and exhibition games are the best way to learn Madden NFL 25, but even then it will take many games before you begin to understand the depth of these new features and controls. Prior to this review I had never played any of the Madden games, so it took me over a dozen hours before I had mastered the basic “Run Free” techniques to activate Precision Modifiers and pull off combo movements.


Madden NFL 25 goes to great lengths to include accurate names, photo portraits, and statistics for all of the players and coaches active in the NFLPA up to the 2013 season. In addition to current-season players, over fifty NFL player and coaching legends join their ranks. Practice the option game with Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, Run Free with the likes of Ray Rice and Randall Cobb, and check out the all-new Force Impact System with Patrick Willis and the feared Seahawks secondary.


Depending on your game mode, experience points (XP) may be earned by completing practices and playing in games. XP is used to upgrade capabilities with the Player Progression tool, found in Connected Franchise. Player Progression allows you to automatically progress your team’s capabilities using each player’s XP to purchase new skills, or you can manually progress star players and individually auto-progress others (or auto-progress the entire remainder of your team). You can build them better, faster, stronger… and worth more when it comes time to trade.


Gameplay is split between an offline single-player environment, and online multiplayer action. There’s easily enough variety and challenge from the CPU, which can be tweaked from the default 50% power to something more formidable within Game Settings, but if you enjoy the pride of victory over human competitors then Online Season play will deliver the opportunity to earn bragging rights (or rage-quitting temper tantrums). Just remember, if you’re on the Internet, anything goes, and most online players have enjoyed the Madden NFL game series for years. Only the experienced players with thick skin need apply.


Madden Infinity Engine 2 – Year 2 of the award-winning Infinity Engine brings more polished physics and the introduction of the Force Impact system.

  • Physics – Real-time physics and the Force Impact system allows users to feel the big plays on offense and defense; with big hits, stiff-arms and truck moves which provide a more realistic and satisfying feeling than ever before.
  • Running Game Improvements – Madden NFL 25 offers a suite of improvements to the running game, including hard run cutting for direction changes, improved run blocking and new ball carrier avoidance behavior that allows runners to automatically move around blockers and prevent inadvertent collisions.  Furthermore, utilize the new stumble recovery to fight gravity as you scramble for extra yards.
  • Defense – New tackle pursuit angles and “breakdown” behavior create a more authentic defensive experience. Recover quickly when caught out of position to get back into the play, and utilize heat-seeker tackling and more accurate dive tackles to make the play.


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