ASUS Z87I-Deluxe Mini-ITX Intel Motherboard Review


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ASUS Motherboard Overclocking

There are several ways to overclock the ASUS Z87I-Deluxe: you can manually overclock in the BIOS or via AI Suite,  or you can invoke “Auto” OC Tuner in the BIOS, or “Auto Tuning” in AI Suite.

The automatic overclocking mechanisms in the BIOS and AI Suite both produced the same result: a multiplier of 43x when one or two cores are loaded, dropping to 42x when three cores are loaded, and 41x when all cores are loaded.

My manual overclock is 45x (at 1.3 volts) with all cores synchronized. This pushes the hairy limits of what this particular Haswell-based Core i7-4770K CPU can do with the best air cooling available. Under load, CPU core temperatures hovered in the high 90s when an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.


ASUS’ auto overclocking mechanisms have been getting better and better; it’s not clear to me if the values used are just applied from a lookup table somewhere, or if they’re arrived at via stress-testing (sometimes the stress testing is obvious; when I tested the Z87-Deluxe Dual, the AI Suite “4-Way Optimization” specifically noted on-screen that it was testing, but I didn’t see anything similar invoking TurboV Evo on this motherboard). Still, my manual overclocking scores averaged about 8% higher than the auto OC scores.

One note here: the power supply riser board gets really hot when running benchmarks at overclocked speeds. The size and location of the board preclude the use of normal heat sinks, although the back of the board is a thick slab of aluminum. If you plan to overclock this board, I’d strongly recommend you ensure that there’s some good airflow in this area.


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