Genius Gila GX Gaming Mouse Review


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Closer Look: Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

Considering the quality of the retail packaging, the first impression of the Genius Gila gaming mouse is a very good one. The box isn’t the typical rectangular shape that we’ve come to expect; it has uniqueness to it, yet it is not cumbersome and won’t create headaches for those tasked with stacking them on retail shelves. The front of the box is a flap, which is held close to the box by a magnet. The flap opens up to reveal the mouse. All the features and specifications are accompanied by attractive imaging and are displayed on virtually every surface of the box. But, enough about the box; let’s move on….

Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

When first exposed to the actual mouse, I was impressed by its visual appeal. The red-on-black design is simple, yet striking. The GX Gaming logo, which is a scorpion, is subdued and can be found towards the palm area of the mouse. The 12-buttons are integrated into the design in a seamless fashion. In other words, you won’t find a bunch of hideous humps or bumps where buttons are located. From this view, you can also see a diamond-shaped button below the middle wheel. The default function of this button is to switch between 6 DPI levels, which range from 200 to 8200. The DPI level indicator can be found in the top-middle area of the mouse.

Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

The buttons on the left-side of the Genius Gila gaming mouse are well positioned and are long enough to provide coverage for a variety of thumb lengths. However, it was difficult to feel which button my thumb was actually touching. No separation is present between the two buttons, so it feels like one long button.

Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

This is being billed at an ambidextrous mouse and the shape of the mouse supports that claim. The one feature that made me question the true ambidextrous nature of the Genius Gila is the fact that the left-side of the mouse has buttons, yet the right-side, as you can see below, does not have any buttons.

Genius Gila Gaming Mouse

The last point I would like to mention in this section is that the Genius Gila had a great feel to it, especially considering the fact that it is an ambidextrous mouse. I have medium to medium-large hands, so the size of this mouse worked well for me whether I went with a palm grip or with a claw grip.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the Genius Gila….


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