V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Noise Isolating Headphones Review


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Noise Isolating Headphones Final Thoughts

The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones are a very expensive proposition but they have the features, construction and performance to match the price. V-MODA use a lot of metal in the construction of the M-100’s but manage to still keep them lightweight and compact. The earcups house 50mm dual diaphragm drivers but the earpads do not engulf your ears. The CrossFade M-100 Headphones do not have ANC but do a very good job of blocking outside noise without it.

Designed with Studio/DJ use in mind, the CrossFade M-100 Headphones are tuned more for bass. The 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers ensure that the bass does not bleed into the mid and high frequencies and cloud them out. If you like your music with added bass you really won’t be disappointed. Mobile use is equally pleasurable but to really get the most out of the CrossFade M-100 Headphones you would ideally want to pair them with a decent headphone amplifier. The dual inputs and compact size when folded are really great additions to an already great quality set of headphones.


V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Conclusion

Before we think about ratings I will write a brief summary for each of the following; Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality and Value. This will aid me in giving the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones a final score and give you a consolidated summary of the entire review. I do strongly suggest that you read the entire review, so that you can also arrive at your own conclusion.

The CrossFade M-100 Headphones have really raised the bar for me in terms of sound reproduction. They produced a level of depth and immersion that I had never before experienced. I will definitely need to reconsider my core values next time I need to purchase a set of headphones. If I ever give any product a score close to 10 for performance it will definitely be these.

As with any monotone product it can be hard to give an appearance rating that everyone will agree with. The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones have a very unique hexagonal design on the earcups and earpads and the metal hinges help to set it apart too. The CrossFade M-100’s are quite compact and don’t stand out too much when you are wearing them but they are still not really the sort of headphones for wearing out on the go. Those of you that prefer a little more flair will find the Shadow or White Silver designs more pleasing. Of course you can also apply your own style to the removable earphone shields by means of having a custom logo laser engraved or choosing a base color that you prefer. All of these options are available via the V-MODA website.

Construction is very important when it come to headphones as I’m sure you know. It’s all well and good having excellent sound, but if they are not built well then it’s all for nothing. The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones were built with durability high on the agenda. The metal construction of the hinges and the earcups will ensure that the headphones will last for many years to come. The headphones fold up very small and have a case for extra protection. The detachable cable ensures that a damaged cable won’t compromise the integrity of the headphones and the kevlar reinforced cables supplied should last a long while too.

The main interesting function of the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones is the dual input design feature. Not only can you listen to and mix two sources at the same time, but you can also daisy chain your headphones and share one source without the need for special cables. The folding design makes for easy transportation and mobility. The CrossFade M-100 Headpones come with two detachable cables. One has an extension to allow you to share your audio source (Share Play Cable), and the other is an iPhone/Android Smartphone/Tablet compatible single button cable for hands free communications.

The the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones (Matte Black) will cost you $299.99 (Amazon) or $310 direct from V-MODA. The only advantage of buying direct from V-MODA is the extra customization options available. You will have to be very enthusiastic about sound to spend  ~$300 on a set of headphones. That sort of money is enough to buy a decent video card or CPU. The sound quality and build quality really shine through, and the level of attention put into the whole package helps to absorb some of the asking price.

The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones appear to be very popular in the professional music scene if you look at their social media accounts. This is for a good reason – they are excellent sounding headphones. They can cope with a wide range of scenarios but are primarily tuned for bass. Don’t just take my word for it, according to the V-MODA website you can try out these headphones at at Microsoft stores and also at House for Hunger PlayButton listen stations in Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply stores.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award Logo (Small)

+ Excellent clean sound reproduction
+ Rich Bass
+ Very immersive experience
+ Excellent build quality
+ Very compact when folded
+ Dual inputs – Play 2 sources or daisy chain one source
+ Customizable ear shields
+ Very original design
+ Passively cancels exterior noise
+ Very little sound leakage
+ 2 detachable cables included
+ Protective carry case
+ Very soft earpads


– Expensive
– High clamping force
– Included cables are a little stiff


  • Performance: 9.75
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 9.75
  • Functionality: 9.50
  • Value: 8.50

Final Score: 9.30 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

COMMENT QUESTION: What are your favorite headphones regarding sound quality, durability and comfort?



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