V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Noise Isolating Headphones Review


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V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Detailed Features

In this section we will take a closer more detailed look at the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones.


Another great innovation of the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones is dual inputs. You select which side you would like to use as input or you can mix two sources at the same time or daisy chain your headphones. Both input ports are blanked with a little twist lock stopper which V-MODA are calling ‘V-Cork’. This little stopper protects and seals the unused input port much like a dust cap on a tyre valve.


All of the metal fixtures are finished with tiny allen bolts and give the CrossFade M-100’s and industrial look. The vents in the earcups (dubbed ‘V-Port V3’) allow air to circulate inside the earcups.


Here is a close-up shot of the folding metal hinges (dubbed ‘CliqFold’). These hinges are very strong and make a positive click when you fold the earcups out or in. Hinges are generally a weak point in folding headphones but I don’t think this will be the case with the V-MODA CrossFade M-100’s.


The ear pads follow the hexagon design seen on the exterior of the earcups. The ear pads are memory foam covered in synthetic leather and feel very soft and comfortable.


The inside of the headband is finished in a breathable meshed fabric and is lightly cushioned too for a nice comfortable fit. Left and right orientations are depicted on the inside of the headband also.


The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones come with two separate detachable cables. The first cable (pictured above) is the orange braided ‘SpeakEasy Mic Cable’.

  • SpeakEasy Mic Cable: Specially tuned for voice recognition and calls in the noisiest environments, the button control universally works with all 3.5mm smartphones and tablets including Apple, Android, Windows, Kindle and Blackberry


The next cable included with the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones is the black braided ‘SharePlay Audio Cable’.

  • SharePlay Audio Cable: Share your music on a ride or DJ tandem without adapters

Both of these cables are kevlar reinforced for extra strength and feature the unique V-MODA 45 degree audio jack design. While this will ensure that the cables last a long time the kevlar reinforcement makes the cables less flexible than a traditional rubber coated cable.


For the users that want to use their headphones on professional audio equipment V-MODA have included a 3.5mm (1/8″) to 1/4″ jack adapter with their CrossFade M-100’s.


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