V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Noise Isolating Headphones Review


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V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones Overview

In this section we will take a look at the looks and style of the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones.


I don’t normally focus too much attention on packaging in my reviews, but when a manufacturer goes to this much effort it is hard not to make a point of it. The price involved with the CrossFade M-100’s might suggest why V-MODA would put this much attention to detail into the box. The faux leather handle and button strap at the back give the box a premium feel and the red fabric band preventing the box from opening was a nice touch too. The box walls are very thick and strong and the overall package has a good weight to it.


The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 headphones come with a protective carry case which V-MODA call their “Portable Exoskeleton Case“. The case is pretty tough while remaining lightweight and also has a carabiner fitted for attaching to your bag or belt etc.


The inside of the carry case is lined with a nice soft orange microfibre type material. The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 headphones come with two separate cables and there is an elastic strap on either side of the carry case to hold these cables when not in use.


The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 headphones fold up nice and compact and are very portable. The 600×515 pixel image above (when viewed on my 22″ 1080p monitor) is slightly bigger than the M-100’s are in real life. This should hopefully give you some sort of idea of their actual size when folded.


The side view gives you a good look at moth of the design features of the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 headphones. The hexagon design is very original and something I have not seen done before. The hinges have a 100% metal construction which is good to see as this is the weak point of so many otherwise great headphones.


The best thing about the V-MODA CrossFade M-100 headphones is that they look professional. The hinge design attaches at the side of the earcups rather than on the back of them. This design gives a good fit without too much earcup sticking out the sides or the need for an oversized headband. Each side has an extra 30mm of adjustment to allow for larger heads, wearing on to of a hat or large hair etc.


The earcups have a great range of movement and the headband has plenty of stretch. There is plenty of slack in the connecting cords to allow for movement without having wires pulled to tight.


The headband is 1.25 inches thick and finished in synthetic leather. The v-moda logo is printed in a glossy finish which is hidden until the light catches it. The V-MODA CrossFade M-100 Headphones feature a ‘STEELFLEX Headband’ which V-MODA claim is virtually indestructible. I’m sure there is a test out there that will refute this claim but for the most part I have to agree with V-MODA on this one – this is one tough headband for sure.


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