Razer Tartarus Membrane Gaming Keypad Review


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Membrane Keypad Final Thoughts

The Razer Tartarus is positioned as an economic alternative to the high-end Orbweaver, and a successor to Razer’s previous Nostromo keypad model. As a reasonably priced gaining keypad, the Tartarus delivers a lot of functionality and customization for the current $80 price. For that price, the user gets a computer peripheral with the potential to improve game play. They also acquire new hardware with definite gadget appeal that really makes a statement about being serious gamer. However, the obvious question is whether that money could be put to better use in a gaming system. The user should decide whether that money should be allocated to a larger computer monitor or faster graphics card. Both of these options will also provide improved game play.

Razer Tartarus

Razer Tartarus

Razer Tartarus Conclusion

The Razer Tartarus is a useful accessory for any serious gamer. The dedicated keys, and in particular the use of the thumb switches quickly becomes a preferred way for game play.

As of September 2013 the Razer Tartarus Membrane Gaming Keypad (model RZ707-0103) was available online for $79.99 (Amazon / Newegg).

Compared to a standard keyboard, it provides easier access to the most important movement and special function keys as the thumb switch can be used for very quick actions.

The styling of the Tartarus is eccentric, although this is in line with typical high-tech game motifs. A particularly useful feature is the ability to adjust the position of the palm rest to accommodate the precise dimensions of the user’s hand. This feature should allow for hours of game play without any fatigue.

The device feels solid in hand, and rests securely on a desktop without moving around. The braided USB cable should stand up to a lot of punishment including pulling and stretching. Compared to other game pads, the Razer Tartarus provides all the functionality needed to improve game play.

Although a bit of work is required to set up the Synapse configuration program, once it has been registered it is a trivial matter to create a new game profile and customize the key pad for a particular game.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Recommended Product Award Logo (Small)

+ Solid construction
+ Efficient thumb switches
+ Rugged USB cable
+ Many options for macros


– Online registration for Synapse
– Need to memorize key functions


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance: 8.00
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 8.50
  • Value: 8.50

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: Do you prefer keyboard or keypad?



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