Razer Tartarus Membrane Gaming Keypad Review


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Razer Synapse Detailed Features

An essential feature of a gaming keypad is the ability to customize the key pad layout and the ability to program macro commands. Razor uses the Synapse program to manage all programmable features of the keypad.

Razer Tartarus Synapse

Razer Tartarus Synapse

The program requires you to go online and register the first time the program is launched. Once the initial registration has been completed, Synapse can be launched without requiring access to an Internet connection. The Synapse layout is intuitive, giving you separate menus for customizing the keypad and defining macros.

Most games differ from each other in the keys used to perform special functions, and Synapse allows you to create a custom profile for each game played. Key selection and binding is very straightforward; simply selecting the key to be programmed brings up a menu that allows you to bind any key to the specific button.

Razer Tartarus Synapse Macros

Razer Tartarus Synapse Macros

The Synapse program allows for powerful macro commands to be created using several input methods. The easiest way to record a macro is simply to give the macro and name and press the record button. All keyboard and mouse activity is recorded until the stop button is pressed. There is the option to record the delay between key and mouse activity or to insert a preselected default delay. Another option is to manually enter in the commands.


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