Razer Tartarus Membrane Gaming Keypad Review


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Razer Tartarus Detailed Features

The keypad control area consists of a 5 X 3 array of back-lit buttons labeled from 01 to 15. This is clearly a left-handed only device and the palm rest is adjustable to accommodate different sized hands. Those 3 LEDs above the thumb switch are the Tartarus’s way of telling you which key map you currently have loaded. For every profile selected, it is possible to have up to 8 separate keypad configurations available. Just to keep you on your toes, these key maps are displayed in a binary system using the 3 LEDs, with the LSB being the top green LED.


Razer Tartarus Front

The true value of your opposable thumb becomes obvious when you start to use the side control buttons on the Razer Tartarus. The center round control provides for four separate key mappings, with the default being the Up/Down and Left/Right arrow keys. With a quick flick of your thumb you can easily access the top button and bottom paddle to control to other features. The default for the thumb paddle is the space bar which is typically used for jumping in most first-person shooters. This is a very intuitive use for this thumb control.

Razer Tartarus Side

Razer Tartarus Side

If you choose to use the Tartarus on your desktop, you will find that it is a stable platform and will not slide around due to the 4 anti-skid surfaces on the bottom of the device.

Razer Tartarus Back

Razer Tartarus Back


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