Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4GB DDR3 Review

Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4GB DDR3 Review

A few weeks ago, my first product sample from Avexir arrived, and since then, I have been playing with Avexir’s latest Core Series modules built specifically for Intel’s Z87 platform using Haswell-based CPUs. The crazily fast 3100 MHz modules they sent me feature 12-15-15-35 timings at a voltage of just 1.65 V. Each Core Series module also features fancy lighting Avexir dubbed “The Spirit of Gaming”. What makes these modules really special is the ability to order custom modules directly from Avexir for some reasonable “boutique” prices, including custom heatsinks and custom SPD programming (when Avexir has staff available), which extreme overclockers and extreme enthusiasts looking to make a hardcore statement cannot overlook.

These particular sticks hit retail shelves recently, and their price is going to make most people die. The sticks currently go for just under $2000 on Newegg. Yes, you read that right: This 8 GB kit nearly costs more than any other PC part on the market today. While it may seem high, you are paying for the wage of a real person hand-building these boutique sticks for you, hand-sorting through hundreds of thousands of memory ICs to find the few that meet the specification you require. Doing so reliably takes a well-trained hand and a huge amount of patience. As a guitar player, I completely understand how boutique hardware reaches its high value, and there is a well-hidden market for such products too… at techPowerUp!

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