CM Storm Pulse-R Aluminum Gaming Headset Review


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Pulse-R Detailed Features

The CM Storm Pulse-R headset sports 42mm drivers to pump out the sound. Theoretically, a larger driver should produce lower lows and potentially clearer mid and low level sounds, but it all tends to depend on your ear. Some audiophiles say that a larger driver, while boosting basses, larger drivers tend to hurt the high and mid range tones.

CM_Storm_Pulse_R_AngleCooler Master mentions multiple times that the  CM Storm Pulse-R Headset gives noise cancellation through the reinforced cushioned ear cups and headband. There is no active driver for noise cancellation on Pulse-R, and the headset would probably be a lot more expensive if there were. That means that the “noise cancellation” on the Pulse-R Gaming Headset is passive, apparently through the reinforcement in the cushioning of the ear cups and headband. This is more appropriately labeled “noise isolation” than cancellation in my opinion. Either way, the cushioning in the ear cups does a pretty good job at blocking outside sounds, but it isn’t nearly as good as actual active noise cancellation.

CM_Storm_Pulse_R_Right_SideOne of the most distinguishing features on the CM Storm Pulse-R Aluminum Gaming Headset is, of course, the LED lighting. The LEDs are placed throughout the headset, with the most noticeable lighting coming from under the aluminum plates mounted on the earcups. Those lights are always on, as long as the USB connector at the end of the cord is plugged in. The in-line controller also houses an LED that is always on when the USB is plugged in. The final lighted area is on the tip of the microphone. That LED is only on when the mic is active. The in-line controller is used to activate the mic.

CM_Storm_Pulse_R_Side_CordSpeaking of the cord, the one on the CM Storm Pulse-R is extremely long. It measures about 3 meters in length. That’s almost 10 feet. I consider that to be one of the most desirable features of a good gaming headset, and one that is severely lacking on many headsets on the market. Any gamer knows that being comfortable is a big part of pwning n00bs. Sometimes that requires interesting seating arrangements and you don’t need your headset tethering you too closely to the tower. Nearly 10 feet of cord length gives you the freedom to set up how you like. The fact that the cord is detachable also helps for those mid-session snack runs. Of course, I found that with the CM Storm Pulse-R, after a few times attaching and detaching the cable, it has a tendency to slip out partially with even very slight tugging on the line. It is easy to tell because the left ear stops playing audio and I have to readjust the connection. That can be pretty annoying.


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