Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


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Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

To test the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker I used it over the course of a couple of weeks paired to my Samsung Galaxy SIII Smartphone. Playing games, music and movies/tv shows, with and without the e-Storm bluetooth speaker paired, and directly comparing the experience. Battery life, audio quality, Construction and phone capabilities will also be put to the test.



Battery Life: The main focus for any portable device is to last a long time on battery power. The Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker has an average battery life of 7.5 hours depending on how hard you push it. Recharging takes approximately 2~3 hours to fully charge the internal battery.

Audio Quality: For such a small compact little speaker (50mm tall x 60mm diameter) the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker packs quite a punch and can really fill a room with sound. You don’t get club level sound but it’s more than ideal for a house or pool party. I also found that the speaker performed better in a larger room than in a small enclosed area like inside a car. The sound seemed to fill an open room, whereas inside a car the direction of the audio source was more apparent and focused.

Depending on the recording level of the audio being played (or if the bass is too heavy), the sound would distort when listening at full volume. Bass doesn’t appear to play through the speaker cone, it is distributed more through vibrations. The level of bass from the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker depends heavily on the surface on which it is placed. I got the best bass response and overall sound quality when the speaker unit was placed in my (empty) stainless steel kitchen sink or on the draining board to the side of the sink. When placed on a wooden table you get a small hint of bass but not enough to call it a ‘Super Bass Speaker’. The volume level is more than sufficient but don’t go expecting pounding bass or you will be disappointed.

Durability: The Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker is a tough cookie and wont break too easy. I purposely dropped it from waist height several times on to a carpeted floor, a wooden floor and also onto a stone floor. Needless to say the speaker is still as good as new besides a few scuffs on the metal body, which is purely aesthetical damage. To test the water resistant properties of the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker I held it under a slow running tap while playing music through it. The water really didn’t seem to phase it any. The music kept on playing with a little bit of (glurbling) distortion which quickly faded once taken away from the stream of water. Despite this I don’t think it would last too long if completely submerged in water so you still have to use a little diligence.

Speakerphone: The Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker performs well as a speaker phone with very clear audio received and transmitted. The microphone however is very small, and requires you to be quite close to it in order to transmit your voice at an acceptable volume. We are talking between 2 or 3 feet so it isn’t all bad really.


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