Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


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e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker Overview

In this section we will take a look at the design features and aesthetics of the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker.


The box suggests a much bigger size of speaker than you actually get. There is an auxiliary cable and charging cable included in the box and plenty of packaging to protect the speaker during transit too.


Full specifications and other important information pertaining to the e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker can be found on the underside of the box.


The Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker has a nice chromed steel exterior that will serve well to protect it from bumps and falls. Measuring 50mm tall with a diameter of 60mm the speaker is deceptively small for the level of output it generates.


The bottom section of the Bitmore  e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker is made from plastic and therefore not as strong as the rest of the unit. A rubber cup is included to give added protection and provide anti-slip properties for the speaker.


The bottom of the Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth Speaker has a large anti slip rubber pad (covered by a protective film) and is also where you will find the power switch.


Also included in the box are a pair of smart looking cables and a protective carry pouch. The charging cable resembles an internal SATA cable with a flat cable section. The auxiliary cable isn’t too special quality wise but it really looks the part and has nice slim plugs which make it good for other uses too.


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