Bitmore Universal Bluetooth Wireless Audio Adapter Review


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M8 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Overview

The Bitmore M8 bluetooth audio receiver will save you much more than it will cost, but let’s see exactly what £25 will get for us.


The front face of the M8 Bluetooth audio receiver is quite plain to look at. Apart from the obligatory branding there is a little plastic button with a Bluetooth logo. When you power on the unit the Bluetooth logo will flash blue on and off, and when you connect to a Bluetooth device the logo will remain lit solid. The construction is plastic but it has a soft rubber coating which gives it a quality feel.


The reverse side has info pertaining to the function and ratings of the device.


The reverse label can be removed to reveal a large-ish rubber pad that will ensure to a certain degree that the unit will stay where you put it..


Pretty much self explanatory, The unit is powered on and off by the flick of a switch.


Accessories include a 1m long micro USB charging cable and a 1m long 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack audio cable. The packaging would suggest that there would also be a wall adapter included but there wasn’t one present with this sample. As you can tell, the M8 Bluetooth Audio Adapter is quite small. This will serve in it’s favour I think.


There are two ports on the M8 Bluetooth audio receiver. The micro USB port is for charging the unit, and the 3.5mm audio port is for audio output.


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