Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Review


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Bitmore Qi Wireless Charging Kit Extras

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit we received from Bitmore, we also got a few extra goodies to test.


In the original kit was a replacement back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3. An alternative to that are these Wireless Charging Energy Cards for both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. These Charging cards sit underneath your original back cover.


A quick poke inside shows you how it all works. For those of you that have been following this technology for some time now this will come as no surprise. Essentially an electrical charge is transmitted over short distance (like radio waves) via magnetic induction.


Samsung had plans of wireless charging in mind when they built the Galaxy S3 mobile phone. There are two points next to the battery slot where the Wireless Charging Card can interface with the phone and charge the battery.


The wireless charging card is much thinner than the replacement cover found in the wireless charging kit. As a result my mobile phone still fits in its protective case. The second bonus is that it will still charge while it is in the case too.


Bitmore also sent us a Wireless Charging Battery pack for an XBOX 360 controller. This is a direct replacement for your original battery or battery case if you are using AA batteries.


The XBOX 360 Controller Battery Pack uses less power than the Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Cover. The battery pack is rated for 2.5W and I measured 3W power consumption with my Energenie power meter.


The XBOX 360 Wireless Charging Battery Pack is available in either black or white. The colour is not far off the colour of the XBOX 360 controller and the battery fit is very good.

Bitmore also have wireless charging accessories for a variety of other mobile devices including iPhone 4/4S, Playstation 3 Controller, and a Universal Micro USB Charging Clip for other devices not currently supported. All of this comes at an extra cost of course. Also, since you can only charge one device at a time, you have to weigh up the cost to benefit ratio when it is just as easy to use a wire.



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