Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Review


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Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Overview

In this section we will take a look at the components that make up the Qi Wireless Charging kit.


The Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit consists of a power adapter, a power transmitter (Pad) and a power receiver (Replacement cover).


The Qi back cover is almost identical to the Samsung factory fitted cover. The only difference being a little extra girth to contend with on the Qi rear cover.


When you flip the back cover open you will see why there is a little extra thickness. Built into the back cover is the circuitry that receives the charge from the charging pad. The trouble here is that my Galaxy S3 will no longer fit into my protective leather case with the charging back cover attached due to the extra thickness.


Simply place your device on the charging pad and find the right spot to commence charging. The Qi Wireless Charging Kit works via magnetic induction so you will find there is a slight magnetic pull when you are in the right area. As you can see in the image above, the charging pan has a blue light to indicate when it is charging.


The rear of the box has features and specifications as well as fitting and usage instructions.


The Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Back Cover receives the charge from the charging pad (5V @ 650mA), interfaces with the phone via the two brass prongs on the right, and charges the battery inside the phone.


The Qi Wireless Charging Pad takes an input voltage of 19V from the supplied power adapter and has an output of 5W. I tested the output with my Energenie power meter and recorded a slightly higher reading of 5.5W (peak). Charging my phone via the supplied USB adapter (rated 5V 1.0A) consumes 6.4W during charging.


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