Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Review


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Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Review

By Steven Iglesias-Hearst

Manufacturer: A Bitmore, Ltd.
Product Name: Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit
Model Number: UNINC-553Q (Charging Pad) / S93CR-565Q (Samsung Galaxy S3 back cover)
UPC: 0799475088131
Price As Tested: £26.99 (Bitmore)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Bitmore.

Wireless charging, like many other technology related ideas that come and go, isn’t quite the mainstream concept it was dreamt up to be. Maybe this is because plugging your mobile phone, game controller, or camera etc. into a USB port or wall adapter for recharging isn’t quite the hassle it was made out to be. I Could see this being quite useful in my car but the 19v input requirement would mean I also need a power inverter and the movement of the car would make the phone slide around. It could be done but it will need some modifications.

If all of our portable devices had wireless charging capabilities built in, and all we needed to do was buy a wireless charging pad, then maybe wireless charging would take off a bit better. Unfortunately, they don’t. To this end Benchmark Reviews has the Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit on test, for those amongst you out there that are looking for a novel and functional way to charge your mobile devices.


Before we get on with the main review let’s take a look at the features and specifications from the Bitmore website:

“Qi wireless technology is the most modern form of charging devices, which is utilized via a charging pad or charging back cover wirelessly. The Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit is composed of the charging pad and the charging back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The charging back cover can be used in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy, or used with the charging pad. The charging pad is manufactured in a slim design that also has an embedded intelligent circuit protection that allows the charging pad to be powered down once the Qi Compliant device has been fully charged. The included power adapter supplies 19V DC to the charging pad, which equates to a maximum of 5 watts of output power. For easier convenience, the included power adapter has a cable length of 150 centimeters, or 59 inches. The Qi Compliant Power Back Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been designed to specifically replace the Galaxy S3 original back cover. However, the Qi Compliant Power Back Cover may also be used with other Qi-compatible chargers or charging pads. The embedded magnetic alignment ensures that the user’s Samsung or Qi-compatible device is properly placed on the charging pad so that it may be charged efficiently.”
The Samsung Galaxy S3 kit is available in black or white.

Source: bitmore.co.uk


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