Phanteks Enthoo Primo Case Review


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Enthoo Primo Detailed Features

A PWM hub is included with the Phanteks flagship case. This hub make standard fans emulate PWM functionality. As opposed to standard case fans, PWM fans operate under a constant voltage and are more energy efficient than standard case fans. They will also alter their rotation speed based on information from the motherboard so the user will not have to worry about manually cranking up the fans.


Phanteks also came up with a crafty SSD mounting system: the “Drop-N-Lock Double Stack SSD Brackets”. Each one can hold two SSDs and  they are simple to use. Simply remove the bracket, fasten the SSDs into place, then drop and lock the bracket over the screws.


Washable dust filters are inserted behind every fan vent: two in the bottom, one in the front and one on top. It is nice to see that Phanteks has included these because they are not included with every case as they should be.


There is ample room in the Enthoo Primo for cable management and Phanteks has supplied as well as pre-installed their labeled, velcro cable ties to make the task even easier.


Another feature unique to the Enthoo Primo is the thermally isolated PSU bay. There is a very thick piece of steel separating the PSU bay and the inside of the case. The PSU can also be placed in it’s usual place below the motherboard, but Phanteks advises against it.
On top of the case lies 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, power and reset buttons, and a button to toggle the case lights. 2 of the 5 included fans emit a cool blue light, they were originally position at the case’s front behind the intake vent.


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