Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Review


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Gaming Headset Final Thoughts

When I write a review for a product and I notice one or more odd things about the product, I try to justify (in my own mind) the manufacturer’s decisions/thinking on the choices they made in the product. While I can understand trying to appeal to a wider market by making the microphone less obtrusive, I cannot understand why you would still label this product as “gaming”.

There is nothing gaming about an in-line microphone, this part just doesn’t make sense to me. I can forgive sound quality issues as my perception of quality may or may not align with your perception of quality. But when you take a boom mic, and relocate it to an in-line, I just can’t forgive that.

Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Conclusion

When trying to gauge and measure the performance of a headset it will come down to sound quality and microphone clarity. The Bloody M660P does one of these decently (when using a sound card), given that you use it only for gaming, and the other not so much. The microphone on this headset could use a lot of improvement. It feels like Bloody relocated the microphone to be in-line just to appeal to cell phone users who want to use a set of full sized cans while talking on the phone (not that many people).

Appearance wise the headset is not bad at all, the red lit cans is nice and the gears would appeal to a wide range, especially steampunk enthusiasts. The bright silver gears on the head band need to go and/or be painted black, as they just stick out way too much.

The Bloody M660P feels like it is constructed solidly, except when you feel the ear pads, they seem ultra thin and don’t give any confidence to longevity. The cord sleeving seems like it could be torn easily and doesn’t give the feel of durability.

Functionality wise, the headset does function, but doesn’t work very well as a headset. It does function decently as a set of headphones, but there are better headphone options out there for the same money.  The in-line microphone leaves a lot to be desired. Your squad-mates will complain about not being able to hear you as well as lot’s of background noise/static.

For the price of $78.95 (Amazon), this is not a great buy. The microphone just ruins this unit for me. The regular M660, has a boom mic and is cheaper. If I were having to choose between the M660 and the M660P, I would choose the boom mic version over the in-line any day.

The Bloody M660P is a very odd headset, mainly because of it’s abundance of cables and cable connections and breaks in the continuity of the connection through the use of multiple adapters. The more breaks in the line, the more sound degradation you will experience, not to mention he more points of failure you’re adding to your headset. Let’s face it, the majority of people don’t use a set of cans this large to walk around and talk on their phone, this would be a very niche market. I cannot, at this time, recommend this headset to anyone, there are just better options at this price point and even at lower price points.


+ Lights up
+ Decent sound when utilizing a sound card
+ Nice aesthetics
+ Lightweight
+ Multi-device support


– Odd cable design (too many cables)
– No USB DAC despite having a USB plug
– USB plug only light up the headset, thus adding more cable management issues
– Cable sleeving odd for gaming gear
– In-line microphone
– Tinny, distant sound


  • Performance: 7.00
  • Appearance: 8.00
  • Construction: 7.50
  • Functionality: 7.50
  • Value: 8.00

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.



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