Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Review


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Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Detailed Features

Now we’ll take a closer look at some of the detailed features that the Bloody M660P Gaming Headset has to offer.

The wires are sleeved in an unusual cable sleeve, it’s almost like a shoe lace type material. It provides no rigidity, and is not what you would normally see on gaming gear. It does, however,  seem similar to the old sleeved cables of hi-fi headphones.


The ear pads are coated in a “protein leatherette”. While leatherette or pleather type ear pads are not uncommon, these seem very thin and a little too soft for comfort. They don’t form a very good seal around your ear, while this may help with keeping your head/ears cool, it also allows outside ambient noise/sound to penetrate your listening experience.


Here is a closeup of the gears on the cans and the continued use of gears on the headband. The gears on the headband seem to help stabilize the thin metal to prevent tuning fork type effects, the like of which we seen with the HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset.


Here we can see the cans lit up with the USB cable connected. Red is the only color the M660P is capable of producing, sorry RGB fans, not this time.


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