Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Review


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Bloody M660P Gaming Headset Overview

Bloody has been creeping onto the gaming scene at a steady pace over the past few years, with offerings of mice, keyboards, and a plethora of headsets, they aim to fill the budget gaming gap, without compromising quality and features. The Bloody M660P is presently available selling online for $78.95 (Amazon).


The majority of the product photos you will find online only show the outer cans to be red, when they are actually just gray, and only light up red when you have the optional USB power supply cable plugged in.


Here we can see why a steampunk enthusiast would love this headset, they’ve got gears! What appear to be 3D printed, the gears don’t move and are stationary to the outer cans. Here we can also see Bloody’s hand logo, as well as the MOCI Technology label.


Here we can see the M660P’s abundant wiring configurations. The diagram that Bloody provides doesn’t include the USB cable, I’ve added it to this diagram to completely show what you’ll be looking in terms of PC gaming. Note, every wire you see above, you will use at the same time if you use this headset with a PC and you want the cans to light up red. That’s right, the USB cable is ONLY for the cans to light up, it is not a USB DAC.


Touching further on the photo above this one, here is what will sit on your desk when not in use. A whole bunch of wires in one hot mess. If you choose to use this with just a phone, then you can limit the amount of cables easily, but you still retain that large, in-line adapter as it is not removable.


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