Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4-3466 Memory Review


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Application Benchmark Results

I like the Handbrake video encoder as a good general test of a system’s computer performance. It scales gracefully across multiple CPU cores and depending on the encoding format, can present a very heavy computational load. In this test I encoded a half-hour episode of “Family Guy” using Handbraker’s built-in 1080p30 “very fast” setting.

The performance improvement was slight, but real, with 38 seconds cut from the total encoding time. This represents a  performance improvement of just over 8%.

Next, I tested another compute-intensive program, the 3D modeling and rendering application Blender. Here again the performance improvement was real and repeatable, but also small: less than two seconds separates the times to render a 25-frame animation of a rotating, translucent chunk of ice. This is about a 3.5% improvement.

I’ll present my final thoughts and conclusions in the next section.


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