Anidees AI Crystal Cube Lite Case Review


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AI Crystal Cube Lite More Detailed Features

The front I/O ports include two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, standard headphone/microphone jacks, a reset switch that doubles as the HDD activity LED, and a fan controller. The fan controller has three steps; H mode, S mode, and L mode. H mode runs the fans at high speed with 12V, S mode stops the fans for complete silence, and L mode runs the fans at a low speed with 5V.

The power button is connected via a small cable which is screwed onto the frame. It is important to be very careful when taking off the front panel as excessive force may damage the button.

There are a few screws holding the HDD cage in place. They also double as a hinge allowing the HDD cage to slide open about 45 degrees.

Here is the bottom hinge for the HDD cage.

Included in the accessories are six screws for installing the front fan bracket. With the front fan bracket installed and populated with four 120mm fans, the front dust filters would have to be placed inside of the case. The fans will have to be installed prior to installing the fan bracket.

Let’s take a look at the system build in the next section.


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