Das Keyboard M50 Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Das Keyboard M50 Pro Gaming Mouse Review

I hardly ever find enough free time to sufficiently enjoy playing any PC game but every once in a while a title gets released which I’ve been waiting for many years and so i take that opportunity to test as many gaming peripherals as i can. For example once Bioware released the highly anticipated addition to the Mass Effect universe (Mass Effect Andromeda) i dropped almost every review i was working on in order to have enough time for it and although after finishing it i still prefer the original Trilogy (although i do look forward for the Quarian Ark DLC – unless they decide to cover that in a sequel) the roughly 70 hours i spend completing every single quest made it possible for me to test several gaming peripherals including keyboards, mice, headsets and even chairs. Among those gaming peripherals was the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse by Das Keyboard (Division Zero series) which we’ll be covering in today’s review… at NikKTech

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