Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV mATX Tempered Glass Review


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Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV mATX TG Edition Details Continued

Moving into the cable management area of the TG Edition we have very good options for cable management, including 4 pre-installed Phanteks velcro straps to help keep the mess of wires in check.

Cable grommets in this case are thick and stiff, so they won’t easily pop out of their grooves. Also, there is enough tie-down points to help keep things flowing nicely.

The LED system is powered by a SSD cable, which is nice to avoid using unnecessary use of Molex connectors to keep that cable count down.

Lastly, we have the drive mounting locations. There are 2 SSD mounts on the motherboard tray itself, and 2 3.5/2.5 tool-less mounting sleds at the bottom front of the chassis.

One thing left out on the TG Edition compared to the mATX version is the included PWM fan hub. Phanteks sells this as an option, but I would of liked to see it included, as this would of helped me out when hooking the fans up (more about this in the system build section).

Inside the case we have a partial PSU mount shroud that allows a partial view of your PSU. I’d rather have a full shroud myself, or not at all, but that’s just personal taste.

On top of the PSU shroud we have some venting holes and a removable plate, to allow room for a custom water cooler, pump and reservoir, but you lose out on the 2 HDD trays to make room for them. A gripe I have about this arrangement is Phanteks missed out on adding a grommet for PCI-E power cables for GPUs. This feature would of made cable management just a bit easier and cleaner looking.

One note about the PSU area, there is a optional plate hidden behind the shroud that will need to be removed if you use a longer PSU. Clearance is 8.5 in. but I would recommend using as small of a PSU as possible, specially if it’s a modular design to give you extra clearance for your cables.

Another notable feature that is missing in the TG Edition versus the mATX chassis is the HDD mounting plate. This mounting plate allowed you to attach either 2 SSD drives or 1 HDD drive, and also had mounts for water pumps or reservoirs. I’m not sure why this option was removed as it added more drive mounting options and appears to make water cooling easier to install. At this point, it looks as if you would need a pump/reservoir combo to mount a custom loop and radiator in the front of the case, since it only has the pump mount bracket included with the TG Edition, and I’m not certain if the HDD mounting plate from the mATX chassis is sold for the TG Edition.

Below is a close up look of the tool-less HDD drive mount. Phanteks has a simple swing arm design that you open and drop the HDD into the tray, align the screw holes, then simply close the arms into place.

The PSU dust filter is has a nice dense mesh that should keep out bigger pieces of dust and lint. It slides into the back side of the chassis and locks into place.

Here is a shot of the front panel dust filter. It has a pass-through for the LED on the front of the case and snaps into place on plastic pins. It seems sturdy enough, but time will only tell how long those pins will last after quite a few cleanings.


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