Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV mATX Tempered Glass Review


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Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV mATX TG Edition Overview

Now we move on to the fun stuff. Here we’ll be going over the case as I point out some of it’s features.

Below is a shot of the TG Edition front panel. This panel is changed from the mATX version, as it now has the front panel access for power, headphones, mic, RGB lighting switch, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Unlike the mATX version that had those mounted on the cable management side of the case. This brings the design more in line with it’s bigger sibling the Enthoo EVOLV ATX chassis.

Interestingly, Phanteks omitted a reset button with this version of the case. At the bottom of the front panel is an RGB light that can be changed with the push of a button in 1 of 7 colors, and matches the color of the power switch on top of the case.

The backside of the TG Edition is pretty much your standard fair, input-output cut out, 140 or 120mm fan mount with grooves that allow some positioning of the fan for better airflow, PSU mount and 4 expansion slots.

Also, you can notice the hinges for the tempered glass panels are held in place with screws. I’ll talk more about the panels in the details section of the article.

This is the cable management side of the chassis. Phanteks opted to black-out most of the glass, so you only have the SSD drive bays visible. I really like this feature, as it hides all the cables and you still have that sleek glass to gaze upon.

On the flip-side of the chassis, this panel is clear, so you can easily see inside the case to see all your hardware.

The top of the case is interesting. It’s held in place with metal tabs in slots and secured with a thumb screw on the back. You can easily remove the panel to gain access to the fan mounting tray by removing the thumb screw and sliding the panel to the rear and lifting up.

On the bottom of the TG Edition we have rubberized feet that grip very well. The PSU fan filter slides out of the rear of the chassis for easy cleaning.

Below is a shot to better illustrate how clear the side glass panel is. The tempered glass panel is held closed by a couple of magnets and the edge of the chassis is lined with foam to protect the glass from hitting any metal parts. The doors do tend to open very easily though with this design, so caution is advised when moving the case.


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