COUGAR Armor Gaming Chair Review


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COUGAR Armor Gaming Chair Details

COUGAR Armor comes in the brand’s trademark color, utilizing a black base with contrasting orange outer sections and accents to help it stand out. Over-shoulder harness cut-outs, which are practically identical to authentic race car seats, help set this chair apart from typical office furniture.


Unlike authentic race car seats, which are known for uncomfortably firm support, the COUGAR Armor gaming chair offers plenty of padding. COUGAR Armor comes with a small head pillow and lower-back support pillow; both made with matching materials and elastic straps that fit around the chair’s backrest.


The COUGAR Armor gaming chair makes use of a steel frame and class-4 gas strut rated for 330 LBS. Standard on ARMOR is a set of black 5-spoke racing wheels, which are a subtle improvement over the generic plastic castor wheels that come on similarly designed racing chairs. True enthusiast will likely paint these silver (or orange).


At the back of Armor is another large COUGAR logo, embroidered in the bright orange color theme of the chair. The two included pillow rests are also color-matched, and have elastic straps that allow the user to attach them in several positions around the chair for maximum comfort.


While most chair offer basic adjustable armrests, COUGAR Armor comes with every-direction “4-D” movement. Armrests are comprised of soft closed-cell foam with poly-vinyl over molding, and each is capable of 2.75″ height adjustment, 2″ of forward/backward travel, and 1/2″ of side adjustment. Some assembly is required, so when the arms are bolted to the frame they can be made wide or narrow by approximately one inch total.


COUGAR Armor features a 180-degree relining seat back, with tilt resistance adjustment activated by a lever along the right side of gaming chair. Rather than limiting users to fixed reclining steps, Armor can stop travel at any point.


In the next section I’ll discuss my final thoughts on these gaming chairs, and offer a summary conclusion based on the features we’ve reviewed.


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