COUGAR Armor Gaming Chair Review


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COUGAR Armor Gaming Chair Overview

The COUGAR Armor gaming chair is a ready-to-assemble product, packaged with an Allen head / Phillips head multi-tool and all the hardware needed to attach the parts together. The chair is designed to accommodate users up to 265 LBS. COUGAR Armor is available online for $249.99 (DirectAmazon | Newegg), which represents a small investment for long-term comfort.


Like the seat material colors, Vertagear uses unique roller wheels on their gaming chairs. The SL2000 gaming chair sent to us for review came equipped with black 8-spoke plastic wheels, whereas other manufacturers producing similar chairs offer their styled racing wheels as a premium upgrade.


The COUGAR Armor gaming chair feature a steel frame, with lever handle along the right hinge to adjust the backrest position. Levers and knobs beneath the seat cushion adjust chair height and rocking limits. The frame works together with shaped cushions for an ergonomic finish.


The COUGAR Armor gaming chair seat bottom measures 14″ for the center pad, and 22″ wide to the edges. This should fit most body types. Side padding helps to center the user into the middle of the chair, while adjustable armrests accommodate a variety of shoulder widths. Complete dimensions and chair specifications are listed here.


COUGAR Armor gaming chairs offer a fully adjustable reclining backrest system, reminiscent of automotive seats. The image below illustrates the Armor chair fully extended, ready for a between-rounds rest (pillows included).


The Armor gaming chair proudly displays an embroidered COUGAR logo in bright orange, contrasting with the black textured leather-feeling synthetic material.


In the next section we’ll explore some of the detailed features offered on the COUGAR Armor gaming chair…


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