Roccat Kone EMP Gaming Mouse Review


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Roccat Swarm Gaming Software

The Roccat Swarm Gaming software has a nice graphical user interface with plenty of options to go through. Like the Corsair Utility Engine and the Razer Synapse software, Swarm can manage all of your Roccat gaming peripherals in one software. In the Settings tab, you may create, edit, and delete custom profiles. Five separate profiles allow us to store multiple key assignments, lighting effects, and other settings within the mouse.

In the Settings tab, you can adjust Windows sensitivity, vertical and horizontal speed, and double-click speed. You can have up to five DPI levels with their own DPI settings. The DPI range is from 100 to 12000 and can be adjusted in steps of 100.

In the Button Assignment tab, you can assign different functions to each mouse button. These functions include media, internet, macro commands, and Easy-Shift[+] technology. If you are familiar to the Cooler Master Storm TactiX (TX), Easy-Shift[+] works the same way. Assigning a button to the Easy-Shift[+] function will switch all the mouse buttons to their secondary functions when pressed. Of course, you can rebind the Easy-Shift[+] functions as well.

The Advanced Settings tab allows us to customize the report rate, lift-off distance, and lighting effects. You may also choose if you want the program to play a sound when switching DPI, profiles, volume, and sensitivity. This only works when the Swarm software remains running in the background. There are four lighting zones and four lighting effects to choose from. A few lighting effects will allow you to adjust the speed of which the colors transition.

Inside of the Macro Manager, you may record and edit macro functions in order to assign them to different keys. The Swarm software does have plenty of popular games to choose from where you can edit and reassign key functions in a specific game.


In the next section, we will take a look at how the Kone EMP performs.


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