Roccat Kone EMP Gaming Mouse Review


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Roccat Kone EMP: Detailed Features

Taking a look at the top of the mouse, we can see the standard left and right buttons along with the rubberized 4D Titan scroll wheel. There are two buttons at the top for DPI toggling and the Omron D2FC-F-7N switches have a 10 million click life cycle. Towards the rear is the company logo and the two glossy streams represent the LED light stripes.

At the bottom, there is a glide pad at the front and rear of the Kone EMP. The mouse does not include a weight system, but that is perhaps due to its stock weight of 116g without the cable. We can see the 12000 DPI 3361 optical sensor towards the center of the mouse.

The left side of the Kone EMP includes two large buttons for forward and backward controls. Like its predecessor, the the thumb grip curves inward to allow a better grip but can also prevent the thumb from accidentally hitting the side buttons.

No additional side buttons are present on the opposite side. Instead, we can see the smooth surface with an edge towards the rear for the little finger.

At the front of the Kone EMP, the braided USB cable attaches to the center of the mouse. The 4D Titan wheel does not illuminate, but it feels extremely durable and provides horizontal scrolling.

At the rear, the surface maintains a smooth design with only the company logo. The left side of the mouse is slightly higher than the right making it more comfortable for the wrist.

The Kone EMP has a soft braided 1.8 meter USB 2.0 cable with the name of the product printed on it. This makes it easier to distinguish which plug belongs to which device.

Let’s take a look at the Roccat Swarm Gaming software in the next section.


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