Riotoro CR480 Gaming Case Review


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Riotoro CR480 Gaming Case Overview

The Riotoro CR480 is marketed as a gaming, mid-tower computer case that can support multiple hard drives and two optical drives. The Riotoro CR480 also features support for GPUs up to 320mm and PSUs up to 280mm long. The CR480 can support a full sized ATX motherboard and of course, micro ATX and mini ITX as well.

The CR480 was designed as an air-cooled case to be used in a positive pressure setup, however it can be easily set up for a negative pressure configuration and/or AIO (all in one) water cooling setup.


The right side of the CR480 sports a window, and a stylized T on the door panel.


The left side of the case just features the stylized “T”. I’m not really sure what this T is supposed to be or represent as the company’s name starts with an R.


Above you can see the rear and top of the case. The rear features 7 pci slots and a single 120mm fan exhaust. The top features offset mounted radiator support up to 240 and/or dual 120mm fans. It is worth noting that you CAN use a radiator setup and your 5.25″ bays at the same time.


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