Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse Review


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Corsair Sabre RGB Overview

Like many gaming peripherals sold these days, the Corsair Sabre RGB mouse is delivered in an impressive presentation box. The Corsair Sabre RGB is available online for $49.99 (Amazon | Newegg).

The mouse has a standard low-profile design and is covered in a rubber-type coating. The ridged scroll wheel offers excellent “finger traction”. At only 100 grams, the mouse feels so light it’s almost ephemeral, quite different from the heavier metal-framed mice I tend to prefer.

This image shows all eight programmable buttons: the left and right click buttons; the scroll wheel click, the button behind the scroll wheel, the top-mounted resolution switching buttons, and the two thumb buttons. Although some buttons such as the resolution switching buttons have default functions, you can program any button to do pretty much anything you want using the Corsair Utility Engine.

The bottom of the mouse shows the four Teflon feet, the optical sensor, and a yellow stripe for no obvious reason…

There are no adjustable weights or other physical accessories included with this mouse, just a warranty guide and a brief Quick Start guide.

The sleeved USB cable is heavily reinforced– like all recent Corsair devices, even their mouse pad– but not gold-plated. Of course gold-plating USB plugs adds expense with zero benefit, but some might still expect it on premium gear.

We’ll take a look at the Corsair Utility Engine in the next section.


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