Crucial MX300 Limited Edition 750GB SSD Review

Crucial MX300 Limited Edition 750GB SSD Review

The Solid State Drive (SSD) is an example of a technology that I’ve seen and experienced since 2009 when I reviewed my first ExpressCard and SATA 1 SSD. Back then when I was sharing of this newer data storage technology, I said it was a conventional hard drive alternative, but being the new kid on the block the SSD never gained mainstream acceptance partly because prices were high and regular people didn’t know what it was. I always knew mainstream acceptance would eventually happen. I reviewed SATA 1 to SATA 3 SSD’s before I took an SSD reviewing hiatus in Q1 2014, and I think real mainstream acceptance started to happen shortly after as prices came down and truly average Joes, not only enthusiasts, started to know about SSD’s. By this point SSD’s were starting to be offered by more and more OEMs. I stated in the past that an SSD is the best upgrade one can do to breathe life into an older, and even current machine, and that statement still holds true. For me it’s at the top of my list compared to upgrading more RAM or the CPU because the difference is night and day and instantly noticeable… at ModSynergy

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